Jewellery Businesses

If you own a jewellery store and would like to sell our jewellery, either branded (Natural Shine Jewellery), or unbranded, we would like to hear from you.

It is easy to access our wholesale prices:

1. Open a Retail account with us

2. Let us know you own a jewellery store and intend to re-sale our jewellery

3. We will send you an application form, asking for details about you & your business

4. If approved, we will change your account, from Retail to Wholesale, and you will have access to wholesale prices.



- Minimum total order value for wholesale customers is A$300.

- Expected delivery time after confirmation of payment received: 5-10 business days.

- Additional discount applied when you make payment via bank transfer: 4%


Home based fashion businesses & Fashion Parties Hosting

If you like hosting jewellery parties then you are welcome to sell our jewellery. We can can ship it without logo and you can follow our recommended price markup guidelines or set your own price.  


Details & Conditions:

- we give you 20% discount 

- first total order has to be in excess of $1,000, with subsequent orders in excess of $300

- we recommend price markups of 50% to 100% your cost; however, you are free to chose your own markup